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its the people that make us.

Madeyoulook have a long history spanning back to 1976. We started our life in the creative department of a top 10 London advertising agency. Our team consists of a talented bunch of creative individuals who are all design experts in their field. Our background is in brand design for packaging and corporate identity but we also create anything else you need to support your brand from flyers to exhibition stands. Our designs are truthful, honest and authentic, good design speaks for itself. It demands attention and communicates visually with directiveness that you instantly relate to.

Nicky Gregg – Director

My passion for packaging and graphic design was ignited when I joined Madeyoulook over 24 years ago. Back then we worked on drawing boards with magic markers, it was real art and I can even remember my first mac!

Madeyoulook inspired me to develop my design skills and flourish with new ideas that would be revolutionary when executed using new media. This has enhanced the way we work and design. I love the challenge of solving complex design briefs for new products, leading and working alongside a sensational team of creatives that can visualise the ideas and develop them to market.

Successful design is born out of great inspirational ideas that engage with the consumer and interact with their mind. Pictures speak louder than words and are the most universally understood language.

This is and has always been the USP of the business. To create simple compelling new brand identities with true defined focus that visually communicate their USP to their audience and their markets.

we create your world

We demand a direct and compelling consumer positioning to form the foundation of each design we create.
We achieve this with a unique mood board process to show a future direction prior to design, ensuring your input so we can refine and define.
Once we have created your pack design we can create the world in which your brand operates, your internal and external communications, your advertising and your promotion.

our services include:

Visual brand strategy
Branded packaging design
Corporate logo design
Business stationary
Adverts & leaflets
Digital artwork creation
Brand support & implementation
Brand promotion
Research stimulus & mood boards
Concept boards & pack mock-ups

our work life balance makes for a happy team

We believe our team of creatives are the best in the business, all highly experienced, with a talent like no other as well as being really nice people.

We reward them with a modern ’smart working’ environment that fits in with our modern digital age. It makes us more productive, giving us more time to be creative plus still make those tight deadlines and even tighter budgets.

We value our team as people who work to live rather than live to work. By offering a flexible work space we can be highly responsive, meet any deadline and work remotely when required.

1976 was a very good year

Not only was 1976 the hottest record breaking summer but the year our company was born. The world was a different place back then. You could buy a loaf for 19p, Frozen meals were all the rage and we ate Vesta Curry and Dream Topping. Mmmm.  Computers were still in the future. but this was the year Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple in the US, little did we know how much it would change all our lives.

Brand design for packaging was our business back then and still is. A pack can communicate an advertising message as powerfully as any other media and it has the advantage of always being at the point of purchase. As packaging evolves we are always looking at what the future will be.

We don’t just do packaging but also support businesses with their marketing communication needs. A brand is your identity – we use our branding design skills to propel your business message across your target market.


branding, packaging & design

Nicky Gregg – Director

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digital, websites & ecommerce

Pip Spratt - Director

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