Packaging redesign

Ilchester® Cheese are innovative cheese specialists who create the most wonderful British cheeses which they combine with lots of delicious ingredients. They are always coming up with new modern ideas to excite their customers!

As a long-standing client, our task was to redesign the whole range of blended and regional cheeses as well as the core sub brands within the range. They wanted to retain their British Somerset heritage, achieve greater standout and bring forward the ingredients in a contemporary appealing way.

Owning British cheese

Madeyoulook created the master logo for the Ilchester brand several years ago, taking ownership of “Quality British Cheese” in the UK and internationally. The brand mark remains the focal point of the new pack design when combined with the Somerset countryside for both regional & blended cheeses.

The angled logo was introduced on the re-design to maximize its impact in store. Colourful ingredients were set against black wood to emphasise the taste creating a clean contemporary style. The cheeses look stylish & tasty and represent modern British cheese.

Sub brands

Beer Cheese has been synonymous with Ilchester® since 1962 when it’s founder Ken Seaton created the first Beer Cheese in his hotel in Somerset. Another favourite of Ilchester is Five Counties™ cheese, which brings the five best county cheeses together in one slice.

Sub brands require careful balancing to ensure the correct heiracy against the core brand. Brand image was enhanced behind the logo for each sub brand, in the form of beer barrels for Beer Cheese, and cheese wedges shaped in a union jack shape for Five Counties™. This allowed the sub brands to work in their own right and take ownership alongside the core brand.