Brand & packaging design

We have been working with KTWO® for over 10 years. KTWO® produce utility and cigarette lighters sold through their KTWO® and Sienna Gold® brands. Our brief was to create a new brand to go across a range of mid-priced utility lighters with a lifestyle positioning.

We explored the market and found that mid-priced lighters were functional and lacked interest, whereas, lighting a candle creates the perfect mood, whether it be relaxing, entertaining or celebrating.

Madeyoulook created the name Luminate and positioning strap line for this new range.


Range extensions into functional cookware

We created the brand name Luminate® to reflect the new positioning strap line. The new brand logo was created to “light up”, showing the brand name luminated in lights out of the dark background. Each product was then clearly communicated on the backing card in its own right.

Madeyoulook have extended the design across to: Kitchen Lighter, BBQ Lighter, Mini Lighters and Cooks Lighter for browning crème brulee.

Mini lighters for on the go

The mini lighters were great little products, handy in size, long lasting, refillable and multi use.

Madeyoulook worked with the factory in China and recommended printing a range of 6 different wraps with a different lighting occasion shown on each, along with colour co-ordinated barrels. The range of wraps included images spa, fireworks, birthday, party and entertaining. The backing card was cohesive across the set consisting of typography usage occasions

This range has completely transformed utility lighters as a lifestyle brand, visually representing each product clearly, showing usage occasions and making it unique from its competitive set.