Oven Mate™ brand and packaging redesign

Oven Mate™ is an award winning, highly effective oven cleaning brand. The existing brand looked premium and conservative but lacked standout.

Madeyoulook created a personality for the brand through the name, adapting the existing brand mark into a speech bubble, giving the brand a unique identity that is both approachable and memorable. The brand is now seen as a hard-working reliable brand you can trust, a helpful brand who is always there when you need them, just like a true friend!

Future direction focus board

The Oven Mate™ focus board was created as a future direction for the pack design. This showcased key ideas, icons, colours and graphics, presented to the client prior to design development.

Our experience of this market helped us understand that power was important to the brand for efficacy. The power cleaning woman icon and red were incorporated, along with silver and blue for existing brand recognition. The personality and tone of voice for the brand was friendly and approachable.


The new branding has resulted in opening many new accounts for our client by showing the new extensive premium range of 10 SKUs which is seen as having high visual appeal, created and designed by Madeyoulook.

The turnover for the Oven Mate™ brand has increased 30% year on year (2015 /16) and sales in 2017 are up by 20% on last year, in the first three months. Oven Mate™ Cleaning Kit has been awarded an approved product for the Good Housekeeping Institute.