Brand Implementation

Jarlsberg® is a Norwegian cheese brand owned by Tine, Norway’s largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products. Madeyoulook was given the task of implementing the new Global brand identity across the UK, Europe and the USA.

As a brand specialist of over 40 years, we have worked with many global and multilingual brands with strict brand manuals and corporate guidelines. We understand the importance of adhering to guidelines but we also bought the brand to life in its new environment wherever it is in the world, with each country also having its own set of rules.

You can be assured 100% that your brand is safe in our hands.

Packaging & NPD

The sweet and nutty taste of Jarlsberg® was important to communicate as well as the usage which is different across the world, especially in Europe where Jarlsberg® is also eaten at breakfast.

Madeyoulook created slices, minis, wedge packs & grated which included a range of stickers on launch, additional to the graphics to address the usage issue.

We have worked on a number of NPD concepts, the latest being Jarlsberg cheese fondue.


Brand communications

“Yours to Share” is the positioning strategy for Jarlsberg®. The advertising campaigns we created are based around this strategy with the latest campaign being “Jarlsberg® and Friends”….nothing brings friends together like Jarlsberg.

Madeyoulook have created retail packaging, SRPs, brochures, menu booklets, POS materials, promotional gifts, exhibition stands, sales brochures, sampling stands & flags, on pack promotions and advertising for the Jarlsberg® brand.